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Flaming Satan Goat
Wheres your god now.jpg
Just say No!
Conservation Status
  Least Concern  
Kingdom Evil
Phylum Vertebrata
Class , Head Of The
Order Meatbag
Family Eyrie
Genus Goatse
Species H. Bejesus
Width 0.5m (avg)
Length 7m (avg)
Binomial Name
Homo Bejesus
(Gruntlesmithy, 2011)

The flaming Satan goat is a goat that is flaming because it was born of Satan in hell. It is made out of nothing but horns, and does not resemble a goat, or Satan or anything else for that matter in anyway. All of the horns are on fire.

It spends it's entire unexistence suffering and has an overwhelming desire to ununexist so that the suffering may end.

It will come to your house, dig holes in your yard, and eat all your food.

When it departs it will leave a dozen roses in a nice vase on your kitchen table.