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"Everything & Nothing (Green)" by T3canolis[edit | edit source]

Nothing is real
Just an illusion
It is all fake
Me; institution
I am not crazy
I swear it cannot be
It's just I can't stand them
The ghosts around me
Not just the ghosts
But the talking bananas, too
They'd think you're crazy
If they were all around you
They give me medication
But it just makes the bananas worse
Why do I see them?
I swear it is a curse
I also see dragons
Big, scaly, and white
I also swear I see ghosts
On the rooftop at night
Asylum unneeded
Mental health in check
No need for nurses
Breathing down my neck
They say I'm dangerous
That I have slaughtered and killed
But I swear it was the bananas
Who caused all of the blood spilled
I don't need attention
Or doctors or pills
They should kill the bananas
For the bananas give me chills
It's not my fault
The bananas have voices
They dictate my moods
And they dictate my choices
I am trapped in this hellhole
But I swear I am sane
Everyone else is blind
The bananas aren't in my brain
They are everywhere
On the table, on the walls, on the bed
They are anywhere they want to be
But they are not in my head
They ride atop unicorns
Through the cold, wicked, night
I try to forget them
But it is a useless fight
I beg and I plead to the doctors
But they think that I am unwell
I am their hostage, surely
And for that, they'll go to hell
I know I am fine
The bananas are real
All I ever could want
Is someone who knows how I feel
No expression without ridicule
No fun without a reminder
No life without bananas
My brain put through a grinder
The pills suppress the bananas
But that is their grandest trick
They want me to think I'm crazy
So when I take the pills, they hide real quick
But I am awfully perceptive
Contrary to how it may seem
Because I know their little tricks
For I know their little scheme
This place is driving me mad
Some days I'm down with depression
My mood swings are innumerable
Because others, I have constant agression
The bananas are real
Lack of delusion
I know I am a sane man
Without a sane solution
I have told you about the bananas
On my bed, my desk, and my shelf
But the worst part is
I know I'm a banana myself

Author comments: I don't know what the hell this is. It just flowed out of my brain uncontrollably. I think it is beautiful and the ending is amazing. Goodbye.