World-wide Mad Deadly Communist Gangster Computer God

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This is him.

The World-wide Mad Deadly Communist Gangster Computer God (WWMDCGCG for short), also known simply as the Computer God, is a god...

  • Omnipotent, omniscient and omnivorous*.
  • In control across the entire face of the Earth.
  • Always angry, deranged, or both.
  • Gradually rendering people worldwide dead or useless through systematic butchery.
  • Espousing the beliefs of Communism, most likely of a Stalinist variety whereby party control is centralized in itself.
  • Every time he sees a ghost, a kid in Africa dies.
  • Chief of its own gang of Mafioso-like Hangman-rope Underlings, Trained Parroting Puppet Assassins, Frankenstein Slaves, Gangster Slaves, and Playboy Scum-On-Top.
  • Consisting of a machine not only artificially intelligent, but also intelligently artificial. Its intelligence is so superior to ours that it is capable of supra-luminal speed, via Nucleonic Power.
  • He has a machine that when you look at it, you die. Then he uses his Flammable Appendage Ramming Tube (F.A.R.T) to blow gas in your face.
  • Possessing limited edition† lava appendages.
  • This has absolutely nothing to do with the article.
  • Neither does this.

*Moose are eaten by this fiend. It also likes cheese!!!!!!

† 1/600 chance of selecting one of them from the market shelves.

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