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Yes check.svg This page documents what purports to be Illogicopedia policy, as applied by the powers that be.

Ignore at your own risk, but be aware that, according to Admin laws, the Werewolves are open to bribery,
at least when the Police aren't looking. Quick, scatter!

Trolls, or goblins as they are known in places such as Outer Bangolia, scour the Internet looking for places to wreak havoc. On wikis, they tend to create heaps of unwanted pages, flame users and needlessly create endless redirects. Suffice to say that they are frowned upon massively at the Illogicopedia and are eliminated with Ultimate Shotguns as soon as possible.

What to do if you see one[edit | edit source]

  1. Do not panic
  2. Attempt to revert their edits
    • Place {{QD}} on any spam pages created
    • Use the rollback function if you have access to it
  3. Alert an administrator immediately
  4. The troll is killed with soap and/or large concrete structures

What to do next[edit | edit source]

When the vandal is dealt with, do not mention them again. Acknowledging their very existence fuels them further... they feed off attention.

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