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Welcome to IllogiLabs!
IllogiLabs is opened Ill-Officially!


We have no idea, but our first project will be to set up a lunar cheesium mining operation. Raw material will be transported to our facility by trebuchet relay, refined and compounded and manufactured into illogical products. One proposed use is research into developing a rodent agonist[1] to curtail vermin activity around our wiki.

For the time being, IllogiLabs is situated at 47 Broadway Circle in a nondescript warehouse. We are equipped with an Apple supercomputer, a thin film evaporator and two particle accelerators. If you are so inclined, please add to our equipment list.

Equipment List[edit]

  • 1 Apple Super-duper computer server with 16 terminals
  • 1 Thin film evaporator
  • 2 68 Tera watt particle accelerators

Stuff you need to know[edit]

There's a whole bunch of stuff you should know when doing stuff in a lab. You'll want to be safe, so you'll want to read Lab Safety. Perhaps you'd like to avoid electrocution, irradiation, chemical burns, freezing, burning, itching and dieing.

You'll want to know something about what equipment is for before you turn it on and start pressing buttons at random. For instance, you'll need to know what a particle and a wave is before you reserve time on a particle accelerator. You need to know a thing before you can properly make fun of it.

Or not. There may be an article written by a bot, here and there among Illogicopedia, which have snuck in precisely because they are so illogical and in places, hilarious. I suspect translation software contributed to the overall barshittery.

I'm sure there's lots more stuff.

Oh, and another thing[edit]

Homo Vespertilio Irrumabo Insanius


  1. A compound that puts mice, rats and other rodent in agony on contact.