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Welcome to IllogiProject Biology. Several Illogicopedians have formed this clusterfuck dedicated to improving... I guess. Illogicopedia on this topic. This page and its subpages contain their iLlOGIc BaBBlEs and various wEIrD giFs; it is hoped that this project will help to Amuse the other Illogicopedians who are interested in the topic. If you would like to help, please add yourself as a participant in the project, and see the To-Do list for Illogic.

Illogic meter[edit]

  This Policy/Essay has An unknown Illogic.

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Editing advice[edit]

  • Style advice - how to best express the Illogic inside that article and its sub-Article to this topic area.
    • Use standard spelling and grammar to make your illogic stand out more.
    • Oar knot.
  • Article titling advice - how to best title the article while keeping Commandments.
    • Logical titles are quite ok. We recommend using the spelling and stylization that are standard for the field, as this will make your articles easier to find. Notable exceptions are Evilution and Hothead Gene.
    • See the "Notability-related advice" section for more tips on what titles we're looking for.
  • Content-related advice - how to best apply the core content Illogics (IP:GOOD) and other content humors and Insanities to this topic area.
    • Draw attention to existing incongruities or ironies.
    • Make references or comparisons to unrelated things.
    • Read IP:NONSENSE.
    • Snargle meese foot pudding.
  • Notability-related advice – how to best apply the IP:FUCKNOTABILITY guideline and its sub-guidelines to this topic area.
    • Illogicopedia has very few notability guidelines. Of course, you could always write about established facts that have made their way into university level textbooks, but you can also write about fringe theories, retracted papers, your dog, your cat (even if they don't have millions of Instagram followers), or even the bigfoot you saw while camping 2.5 weeks ago.
    • If you do write about your cat, dog, or bigfoot, be sure to place the article on Template:Vanity under "General Vanitizing & Stories".


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