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Is this... oh! no! A forbidden word![edit | edit source]

by XY007

In recent days, a strange (and strangely compelling) trend has emerged, courtesy of the generally-more-worldly-and-knowledgeable-in-such-matters-than-most-of-us P00psicle, which involves writing one's articles in the language of E-Prime.

For those of us not familiar with E-Prime (which at the beginning consisted of most wiki users), E-Prime is a modification to the English language that omits all forms of the verb 'to be', as it is believed it will encourage better writing and the use of better verbs. For instance, instead of 'The film was good' in E-Prime it is necessary to say 'I liked the film' or some such.

Thereafter, many users have joked about the forbidden verb, calling others out for using it, even in a non-E-Prime sentence (nothing wrong with that, clearly). In fact, this IllogiPost will use primarily E-Prime (E-Primarily? :o), with the clear exception of the header, and the explanation of how E-Prime works in italics (because you must use the banished words to explain WHY we have banished them).


Add something else here, but not with any forbidden words[edit | edit source]

by 2+2=5

It would be imperative to note that if this wave of Orwellian Newspeak E-Speak E-Prime were to be actively implemented into The IllogiPost, it could be a potential infringement on the rights of the reporters to speak and report freely as they choose. They should not be subjected to the constraints of being unable to use "forbidden words" for the sake of an excruciatingly small minority of E-Speakers E-Primers.