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Yes check.svg This page documents what purports to be stuff I made up one evening, as applied by nobody at all.

Ignore at your own risk, but be aware that, according to Admin laws, we can legally force you to eat witchetty grubs
whilst listening to Atomic Kitten until the End of Time. Suck on that!

Illogicopedia is many things. However, contrary to popular beef, it is not all things to all men; unlike Illogia, it never will be omnipotent. So you are free to bitch behind its back without fear of reprimand, provided there aren't any grasses in the immediate vicinity.

Illogicopedia is not a nonsense wiki[edit]

Illogicopedia is not a nonsensical encyclopedia to which anyone can contribute. Illogicopedia articles are not:

  • Funny. You must not laugh while browsing Illogicopedia for fear of offending one person.
  • False. All information contained within the pages of Illogicopedia is the God's honest truth.[citration needed]
  • Correctly formatted. Under no circumstances must users apply correct wikicoding.
  • Understandable. All articles undergo incomprehensibility tests before being admitted to the wiki.
  • Unvandalised. Most pages on Illogicopedia have been defaced by jobless hicks and anthropomorphic aliases.

Illogicopedia is not edible[edit]

That's right, so stop licking the screen. Besides, it probably tastes of dust and bits of flies, spit and other unmentionable stuff.

  • Illogicopedia is not cheese, so do not mention the stuff or feel the assmins' grisly wrath

Illogicopedia is not viewable[edit]

All except the page you are reading right now. See, it's like the Schrodinger's Cat thingy - you never know at any time whether more than one article --the one you are currently viewing-- is fully functional, and we have Roberto to thank for that. Speaking of which...

Illogicopedia is not in existence[edit]

You never read this page, you hear me? Go into the kitchen, make me a boiled egg and forget all about the last three minutes of your life.