Illogicopedia is NOT funny

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These bananas are not funny

That is most definitely correct. Illogicopedia is not funny because real life is not funny. Real life is full of nonsense. Nonsense is not funny. Illogicopedia exists in real life, therefore it is full of nonsense, therefore it is not funny. Ironically, it is logical. Live long and PIZZA!

WHAST THEH ELL?[edit | edit source]

So if I had a dollar for evri funneh that thys here ILLOGICPOSPLOSHIAN "tango"s (tener) has, then I wud have liek two dollars because this place SUKCSMEGAHARDXCORESTYLE.

Quit being so dump.

~Makin the werlsd of Wikia moer beautiful. I am got.~

Love, got.


Your are so tehgais. =/