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To everybody who will listen to me, erm... banana fish crumb fool! Oh yeah, and Illogicopedia is the baddest wurst. Sausage yum yum.

You guys think you're relly cwever don't you? Well, I have one thing to say to you (sure you don't): flugnoflarbex! Take that! Omgoodness pwned! (if you say so sargent).

I are sooo much bettah than you, for I says zoo! (timely exit due real keel over dead).

Yeah, fugnerfar... becks. Anyway. You suck. Encyclopedia Daemonica is the best. OMG OMG OMG (tisk apishposh top nosh - pi)! You need to broaden your shoulders - wang, I'm shocked and pointed without you.

Benson 4eva, loolz! Even Leeroy Jenkins won't touch Uncyclopedia, because he doesn't know how! OOOOoO serve - portably?

I LIEK UR MOM. I haet yuur favver.

I sMeLl LiKe A bUm

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