Illogiland 3.0

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From IllogiCountry, the World of Insanity

Illogiland 3.0 is an extended more interactive version of Illogiland where you can actually touch the madness in a 3D environment. Scientific scientists are now concerned this could have a direct offshoot from insanity called "Illoginanity" which would wear down the brain until it is a sticky yellow goo of pus.

Effects of Illogiland 3.0[edit]

The effects on the human mind would be devastating to the individual. Awareness of reality would decrease and general sanity levels would no longer exist. The person in question would experience life as a series of impulses caused by the newly spouted banana in the brain's crust.


Taking a bath in a tub of hot beans usually sorts it out but a permanent solution is not known at present.

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