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"Good evening Major!"
"Good evening you Aussie b*******!"

“Some freakin' stupid idea invented by Wikipedians who want to rule the world with their awful straight-laced laws and crappy ethics.”

~ Major Lee Pov on References[1]

“Born on his birthday, the best day ever, Major Lee Pov B/sc. B/a OMD HMV is the greatest man who ever lived.”

~ Major Lee Pov's Wikipedia article (for two minutes until it was reverted)

Major Lee POV is a British war veteran noted for his extremist right wing political views.[2] These days Lee Pov can be seen on any forum in the world spreading his biased opinions on world issues and why Wigan is actually in Lancashire.

He is not locked up in jail because he is old and his views on the world are wizened and outdated, from a time when knowledge was power and you could call people fat barstools without being arrested. War veterans ought not to be persecuted for being old, only killed.


  1. Lol.
  2. No wait, I meant left wing. Bgork.

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