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Many believe that the names 'Jesus' and 'Jebus' are interchangeable, one and the same, but that's just- are you fucking retarded?!

For those who can't handle the real truth, the spinners of fake truth at Wikipedia have a thoroughly boring article on Jebus.

<ahem> If you will, take a moment to learn the horrifying truth. We begin our story 2,000 years ago...

The story of the conception of Jesus is a well known one: Gabriel (God's messenger) tells Mary of her chosen status, she becomes pregnant from God's seed, yadda yadda...

What many don't know, however, is that while Mary remained a virgin until God had 'done his thang' (King James Translation), a few days later Gabriel gave Joseph the go-ahead and he shtupped the hell out of her. The details are unclear, but it seems as if his seed and God's, er, residue???, were fused, creating an unholy cocktail that would form a... child-like thing.the deformed creature/shemale was going to be Jesus but he couldint say his name right and then so jis name was jebus who grew up to tell the story the awasome story named 'help miget love'(look it up)

The further story of Jebus[edit | edit source]

Jebus flew to Hell on gossamer wings and was entranced by the demoness babes that Satan had employed as strippers. Satan saw Jebus staring and said, pointing to the unnaturally oversized buttocks of one of these delights, "If you do some work for me, all of this shall be yours".


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Anyway, back to the plot[edit | edit source]

Impressed by Satan's promises, Jebus quickly accepted a low-paying position in Hell's Junior Department of Coronal Infarcation. However, he soon got fired because he just shat all over the place and stuff. So Jebus moved to New Jersey.

His followers are called the Jebusites.

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