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"It's a cold oneThe sun is shining The sun is dull she's fed up (she's fed up) It's a broken heart because of the end no matter what let's go penny by penny the coin is silent Do not pray for death and we are not tired of eating Every day, I hear the story. Look at the old man The old ones were sent to Somalia Look at the water I'm sorry In the future It's going to happen You can't go wrong Fish are safe, people are sick This is my day: my sins are in the air It's going to happen every day It's my day: I'll see you It is necessary to live in the country We have built a dream house for some people It's nice to be polite It's a long time ago The rafters are my hands, the dead are my legs I will look forward to the day Those who are in the field of health care are responsible for the interviewers I do not know the origin of death.      — Uybaan Migalkin
Wikipe-tan: Welcome to UikDonald's, May I take your order please?
Russian occupier: Yeah... why are you working here?
Wikipe-tan: Because I got a job, I am a worker, I have joined the industrial worker's union...
Russian occupier: You're too beautiful.
Wikipe-tan: Take a look. Here in Ukraine, in the occupied part of the country, it is said that the workers are fed up with the Russian economic policy. The people of Ukraine will be happy and satisfied. At this time, the implementation of democracy and the campaign against corruption will not be stopped. The people of Ukraine are fed up with the sexual harassment by a few fanatics, and this, of course, has caused them to become even more violent. Some of Putin's allies are tsarists. The people of Ukraine often raised the slogan, "Terrestrial government does not support". By the way, America, whose strength is strong, is that it is true that there is nothing wrong with it, so that it can be called “preserving the power of the people”. I honor Alisa Borisa Chernaya (mayor of one of the southern oblasts) — for her love for life and for her part in democratization of the city and the curbing of corruption and sexual harassment in the city, and for opposing Putin's regime. And, yeah, well, we don't serve Russian military officials at this WikDonald's. Next customer!

Life[edit | edit source]

Wikipe-tan [Kazakh alternative orthography: Уикәпетаң] is married to Jimbo Wales, founder of Wikipedia. She looks like Japanese ann-i-may, and is considered to be ugly to most people except nerds and wiokia peoples. Most people think Wikipe-tan loves Wikipedia, but in truth, she secretly likes Illogicopedia even more. No kidding. [citations not needed]

Woodles[edit | edit source]

Wikipe-tan beats the crap out of woodles on a daily basis, as they try to eat her. I can't blame them, Wikipe-tan looks tasty. I mean, when something's blue it has to tase good. Like, um, water... and computer.

/me bites monitor

and stuff.

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