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Dear journal,

Today, I was going to catch the flying banana bus but a dragon wearing a pineapple hat pressed the B button on my xbox and then GI Joe popped out of no where. I said "WOW!" and then we all danced the hokey pokey. I was going to be late so I said "turnip sauce" and then flew to the magical Candy Mountain up in the purple sky. I thought I lost my friend Bob but Bob was right next to me, eating Charlie the Unicorn. Dancing bananas started to attack Bob so I started to fly around them, playing mariachi music. A dragon started to say "MARSHEMALLOWS!" And then we all fell to a garbage dump. There was a donut shop selling ghosts! Why is Ashley Tisdale floating in the air? I poked Bob's fat belly and then Bob turned into GI Joe, so I said YAY! And then we all danced the hokey pokey. Sooner or later, Bob died from being too fat. Hey did I tell you about my beautiful unibrow? They are the most awesomeness! I smell like tacos LOLOLOLOL!


Dear journal,

you smell like tacos too. I like rainbows, you know, it makes me feel like, ya know, why do some shoes have velcroyish stuff on them instead of shoelaces? Genius like Spongebob Squarepants, deal or no deal woman? My pillow is so fluffy like a sumo's tummy! It makes me feel like, I made pie in the oven, its filled with so much dancing bananas they took South Park's Kenny and I feel so guilty cause Kenny's head exploded so badly I cried marshmellows. My worst enemy brought me some cookies and I ate them. My friends said "DUN DUN DUN DUN!" and I felt sick in my poop. Ya know, I never knew that my big brotha has turnip sauce hidden somewhere in the house, I'm going to find some photo's of voice candy from the year 1934. I didn't do anything today! Except for the sick feeling in my tummy! I feel sick so badly I want to hurl "YU-GI-OH" cards!