Ludwig van Beethoven

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“I always wanted a ten inch pianist.”

~ Beethoven on misunderstanding a modern joke. He did die a long time ago you know.

“Rocket science and concert peonists shouldn't precussion their drums wisely”

~ Warner Von Brawn

Benthoven (pronounced Beeth-Oven) was a pianist who wrote many symphonies. HeSHE was dead later in life. All of his HER symphonies were self titled and signed "Edward Elgar".

Of course[edit]

Bethovy (let's call her beth) Beth was a fat hamburger loving arlet from the early 1900s. I believe she is seen in the Phantom of the Oprah eating a man's nose. Wait what? oh ya Beth is a guy I think. Or it is a girl. Balding? ???

Never mind anything above. I am starting over.[edit]

BEETHOVYNE LIVES UP STAIRS!!!! or does he get eaten by the worms and WIERD FISHES! So Beatyhozen was a bat who lived in the rafters. My mother killed him. He wrote songs, went deaf, and died mysteriously[1]. Only he wasn't a bat. He was a compozzer. No I change my mind. He was a dolphin. I have always liked dolphins. In Jaws 3 there are dolphins. I thought they died, but in the end they didn't. I like dolphins. Bettyhover was a dolphin. But dolphins dont have crazy hair.[citation needed] Beertthkevthinjin did. But Dolphins have to have hair. They are mammals,[citation needed] and every mammal has hair. Beethocresoven had hair. And was a bat. No peanut. No dolphin, no!!! HUMAN? no, he was a dolphin.

  1. At first the police suspected fowl play and the Wyld Stallyns were involved, but they couldn't figure out the correct verb tense when writing the police report, so they just gave up and dropped the charges

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