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Meatspin, circa 2001 during one of his drinking binges, spinning himself right round

Meatspin (1999 - 2006) is the prodigal son (and slab of meat) of Sir Goatse and Dame Tubgirl of the English Shockzor Royal Family. Meatspin, the in tradition of his parents, opened up a website to parade his personal information to the general public, but in an attempt to one up his parents, added additional features, such as a moving picture and a "spin counter". His parents got angry and disowned him, spending all of his earnings to buy the nation of Ghana. Meatspin now lives with his grandfather Lemonparty, and delights in the occasional Ghanese genocide from time to time.

Meatspin died on June 8th, 2006 from a severe case of Shaken Baby Syndrome.

Meatspin... THE MUSICAL![edit]

Inspired by Meatspin's website and weblog ("...CRAAWWWLING IN MY CASING, THESE FOOODS THEY WILLL NOT HEEAALL..."), former Monty Python extraordinaire and (currently turning purple) corpse Graham Chapman developed a parody musical about the Royal Old Fart and released it off-Broadway. Sales made a record high, which were all spent on a new, spiffy coffin for Graham.

The plot revolved around a young and hopeful Meatspin as he goes into the world of stock brokering with his close friends Fire Hydrant and Jimmy Stewart.

Meatspin the opera[edit]

  • Act I Scene I: Buttsecks
  • Act I Scene II: Buttsecks
  • Act I Scene IV: Buttsecks
  • Act I Scene V: Buttsecks
  • Act I Scene V: Buttsecks
  • Act II Scene II: Buttsecks
  • Act II Scene III: Buttsecks
  • Act II Scene IV: Buttsecks
  • Act III Scenes I - XLVI: Buttsecks
  • Act IV: Buttsecks


  • Act I Scene I: It ain't easy being meat
  • Act I Scene II: You spin me right round
  • Act I Scene IV: You spin me right round (reprise)
  • Act I Scene V: Meat's in the grinder with a silver spoon
  • Act I Scene V: You spin me right round {reprise}
  • Act II Scene II: The Meatspin Rave
  • Act II Scene III: The Stockbroker Rave
  • Act II Scene IV: You spin me right round (reprise)
  • Act III Scenes I - XLVI: I'm not dead yet on 42nd street! FAME! (Shamelessly plagiarized for 3+ other musicals)
  • Act IV: You spin me right round... THE RAVE!


  • Meatspin obtained his infamous tan line by grafting together the skin of various Irish Republican Army members
  • Meatspin is a convicted rapist in four states, not including Alaska or Hawaii
  • If you look hard enough at Meatspin's picture, a picture of John Tesh will occasionally show up
  • Meatspin is not Spider Man
  • ???
  • Prophet!

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