Irish Republican Army

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A sample of the many pages analyzing the IRA.

The Irish Republican Army is an army that is Irish, Republican, and an army. Frank Zappa hates them because they bit his pet moose once. He did a square motion, but they came back.

The IRA were from Serbia. In 1914, they assassinated a 2000s Scottish alternative rock band. The replacement of this band with Argentinian llamas would have been vital to the survival of Austria-Hungary, but alas, this didn't happen. It also started a great and world war.

Taylor Swift perhaps had the best perception of them when she crossed the UK's land border. As usual, the roles were only half reversed.


The IRA were a controversial controversy that caused controversy. Then this controversy was controversial. Controverisal people debated both of these controversies.

In the 2000s, the controversy subsided a bit when everyone came to the consensus that the IRA was anachronistic.