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A metaphor is when you don't know the cause of a disease, so you make some random shit up. You can get published in PLoS ONE or an late 1800s feminist novel.

It's all Ideeeeoooolooooogiiiiiiiiie... sniff *touches nose and ear* *gets ear infection* (but it doesn't display symptoms until about a day later, so it's okay) sniff sniff and that is because Christianity is really Atheism even though communism itself is an ideology so communism is actually bad

Δdirectionsun <------------------------- Greek triangle λολ

You ≠ SOAD

Unless you are able to solve The hex code of death or Cicada 3301.


American Income Life Insurance Company Ariss/To lock horns with a goat bad stand up comedy routine bear market Bill Gates (Uncyclopedia fork)

Ew strong Britney

Microsoft has nothing on us