Moon landing conspiracy

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This so called moon landing conspiracy, what does it mean?
Maybe it means that moon landings were organised by the Illuminati.
Maybe it means I'm totally insane. Yes, that's right. Actually, this so-called conspiracy is a result of people trying to make you think things that are completely, utterly and totally wrong.
What is the Moon again? Oh, yeah, I now remember! It's that large rock in the sky, which was once stolen by a crazy man out to take over the world. It's big, and humans landed on it in 1969.
Except... dah dah dah... they didn't at all! Yes, your history teacher was lying to you. They never did.

Because... they were filming it actually on a TV studio in Los Angeles during that time. Since TV image quality was so poor, everyone believed it was the actual Moon. They built rockets and spacesuits to go with it!

The head guy in charge of filming, Mr. Konspira See, wanted to make it look realistic, so he took the TV studio to the actual Moon and filmed there.

There, that proves someone actually went to our Moooooooon.

In all seriousessness (not a word), what did happen when they filmed the moon footage? You should leave that to your history teacher. Honestly, I'm off! These conspiracies take up so much of your time! I hope there's cake and peppermint tea in the break-room. Now, I leave. Man that guy is so impatient!