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The first armchair-related organization to form in Norway

NASA, or Norwegian Armchair Sitting Association has been striving to provide the Norwegian people with comfortable, and relaxing armchairs for over fifty years[citration needed] . Their current head, Sigmund Viggious, is the former owner of Siggy's Sitte Stolen Sted, or "Siggy's Sitting Chair Place". They are very outspoken against couches, loveseats, computer chairs, and beds.

Schism[edit | edit source]

In 2003, a feud between NASA and FFIUOC or the Foundation for Impractical Use of Chairs ended with twenty people dead including the former head of NASA, Tolgarth Skjorte who was assassinated at a rally in downtown Olso. After the Norwegian government stepped in, the fight was resolved with a handshake and then a bullet in each others' heads. The FFIUOC was shut down but rumors swirl of a guerrilla operation forming in the far north of Norway to gain revenge on NASA. Sigmund Viggious said in an interview about the FFIUOC, "I don't know if they've really disbanded. I've heard sightings of members as far north as Tromsø. I don't know what to believe."

Current status[edit | edit source]

As of now, NASA remains the most successful Norwegian armchair-related organization, slightly edging out ASS ON FIRE or Armchair Store Salesmen of Norway from Irish Related Ethiopia.


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