Nazi Gold

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Rival station Churchill Chat 7's anti-Nazi Gold poster campaign.

Nazi Gold is a now-defunct German television station that broadcast throughout World War II. Programming included classic battles from previous wars, including World War I and some other, less important ones. Since it was a 24-hour station with little programming to speak of, you could set your watch by its daytime schedule, which remained much the same throughout its six year run.


9AM: Breakfast with Hitler Adolf spills his cornflakes over Goebbels's newly shined boots, with hilarious results. Broadcast live from Berlin.
10AM-8:59PM: Join Us For Free Ice Cream (5 minute film on loop)
9PM: Propaganda Hour
10PM: National Anthem
10:07PM: Closedown

Literal definition[edit]

According to scientists, it is like normal gold, only more khaki-coloured and with a German accent. It would be, anyway, except it doesn't exist. Or does it?

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