World War I

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World Wart One

The troops rebel against the person with the strange black box that flashes

Conflict: The Great War part I (Pink Floyd)
Date: 1915
Place: The World
Outcome: The Germans lost
Allied forces Hitler's Happy Fun Time Band
Darth Vader Adolf Hitler's father
Big tanks Bouncing bombs
32,000 A brazillian

World War I - World War II

How much reaction? As much in any case, it had once a man who was eighty years old, or perhaps twenty. It found a bird, and one seated on his shoulder during 15 years.

Soon, it flew far. It was far on the matter. Soon, it fell, and it unloaded in the water. It was cold. Ice cream. If cold, it shouted whereas under the water. It heard to another shout that it drilled, a fish, that swam on its shoulder and it was rested there. After the two hours, one recovered with relation the bird. But he remained something on his shoulder.

Pretty warmish[edit | edit source]

This was the first war before Winston went off to do his washing up, until the bell flows and the water breaks and the great machines of the world known as nations will know the clash of iron has no just certificates but one that unzips the inner drags of mankind.

What really happened[edit | edit source]

The Germans thought they were awesome and attempted to take over the WORLD! Or just Europe. Other people saw they were fighting and decided to join in like flipping idiots to shoot everybody. Typical of the human race, eh? You might even say "Tapiocacal".

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