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Not this guy. This is Vince Mcmahon.

In the days of old, When Michael Jackson wasn't gay or white, there lived a man: Richard T Nixon. Not to be confused with Vince McMahon.

Anyway, he was having a bath when he looked carefully at rubber ducky and decided to name it. So he called everyone's favorite future-telling friend, ET. Sadly ET was busy calling home. So what did Nixon do? He decided to make it up. Thus Nixonvongarthnix was born.[1]

Well, this is what actually happened but I don't really think that Nixon knew that.

Land Of The Banana[edit]

It seemed to be that the word "Nixonvongarthnix" (and NixonvAngarthnix) was copyrighted by Garth Nix And Co. So he had to trek all the way to The Land Of The Banana to find the copywrongs. Of death. Yes - of deaf people, and even more deaf people. I mean, that they were physically disabled. AGHHH! It seems you are deaf.

But you ken not hear me, Obi Won Ken Obi. A won two tree for!

When he got there, he erm...found the erm.....erm.....german.....erm...germ....of...erm....erms! Yes, the German Earl Of Erms. Oh did I say germ? Well, germ earl then. The German Earl Of Erms and Germs, yes. Indeed. Then he was killed.

He was killed[edit]

Yes.... I was killed. But how did you know. Did you see me die? No you did not. No one did. So how do you know I was killed? Because I was.... AH HA! Was I? Oh yes, I said I was.RABBITS!!!


“He simply cannot touch rabbits”

~ Nixon's Doctor on Nixon's Allergies


Or frogs?


Or rabbits? HUH?


How about us?


  1. the "O" in von was just a typo he made when writing his autobiography, "Why Bother?"