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“Oh yeah. I bent the spoon, chopped it in half, turned it into a daffodil, engaged it in excessive and slightly camp male bonding, hugged it and made it disappear all with my mind. When no one was looking. And that is why there is no spoon. Honest. Uh, the show's kind of over. Go home!”

~ The Psychic Gym Leader from Pokemon showcasing her awesome powers to an overcharged audience

“Why don't you psychically make the spoon reappear and do some stuff with it that we can actually see. You know this £500 show wasn't free!”

~ Member of the audience attempting to establish communism his moneys-worth in the show

“Why don't you shut the fuck up!”

~ The Psychic Gym Leader from Pokemon expertly silencing her critics

LIES!!![edit | edit source]

The article you just read LIED. LIER LIER baby on fire methinkxs.

The spoon is in fact currently inhabiting a small section of Africa, whereupon he didn't catch ebola. Hoorah!

Desu?[edit | edit source]

NO, NO DESU damn you Wonderwoman!

“Butbut desu :'(”

~ Wonderwoman, lol

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