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What is the Order of the Paperclip?[edit]

You may think that this is another cheesy or arbitrary award, but the Order of the Paperclip is an organization for editors with very specific membership requirements. There are three classes of the Order of the Paperclip: First, Second, and Third. Membership is granted on each equinox and solstice.

What are the requirements for each class?[edit]

Third Class Requirements[edit]

100 edits in the "main" namespace (To see how many of these you have, type "Special:Editcount" into the search box and click "Go." Then type your username in to the box next to the word "User:" and click "submit." The number next to "(Main)" is the number of edits you have in the main namespace.)

6 high-quality articles

1 article listed in Illogicopedia:Vital

4 forum contributions

Second Class Requirements[edit]

200 edits in the "main" namespace

12 high-quality articles

2 articles listed in Illogicopedia:Vital

8 forum contributions

First Class Requirements[edit]

800 edits in the "main" namespace

48 high-quality articles

8 articles listed in Illogicopedia:Vital

32 forum contributions

1 Admin approved Epic

What if I meet the requirements and am not granted membership?[edit]

If you meet the requirements and are not granted membership, you may award yourself membership using the appropriate template (First Class template, Second Class template, or Third Class template). If an admin or the Lord of the House of Commons sees that you have actually not met the requirements, your membership may be revoked.

Purposes of the Order[edit]

The Order is meant to promote editing and motivate editors to write articles, especially those listed in Illogicopedia:Vital.