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At Illogicopedia, because we wuv you all so much, we give you rewards when you generally achieve something. I hope to outline, or at least make clearer the various places different awards have on the site, and how you can go about getting them.

WARNING: The awards do not have a chocolatey centre so please don't try and eat them, co's no one wants to bite into it and end up like old beaky.

An award received for achievements in Illogicopedian Game Hunting

Gold Stars[edit | edit source]

Gold Stars are the predominant award on Illogicopedia, stars are awarded to users either for featured articles or playing a part in site upkeep (see Illogicopedia:Gold star ranking system).

Users are allowed to have as many gold stars as they've earned though admins are usually encouraged to avoid excessive use, in case of corruption (for example admins may wish to keep stars earned for acts other than features).

The Order of the Paperclip[edit | edit source]

The Order of the Paperclip is designed to encourage users by regarding them for diligent editing and diverse contributions, there are three categories of award: third, second, & first class (click here for requirements for each class of award).

Other Official Awards[edit | edit source]

Illogicopedian of the Month Award[edit | edit source]

The Illogicopedian of the Month Award is given to the most outstanding user of the month, decided by consensus. The winner receives the right to use the banana trophy image on their user page.

The Illogic Pickle Awards[edit | edit source]

There are two Illogic Pickle awards, the pickle and the inflatable hammer. The pickle is awarded to the best straight article, i.e. the most accomplished ramblings, while the inflatable hammer is bequeathed to the most insane article entered.

The Christmas Rockin' Article Pursuit Award[edit | edit source]

Unless the C.R.A.P makes a return it's likely there will be no reward for it. Though should it return, there will be an ward to go with it. In other words stay tuned on this one.

Unofficial Awards[edit | edit source]

User Awards[edit | edit source]

Users are allowed to create their own unofficial awards to give to others, though having no real significance they are still used. The most common ones are Fonchezzz's 'Insane Award,' Testostereich's 'Dedication Award,' SomeWhat no.2's 'Cheesy User Award,' & RFK's 'Flub Nugget Award,' though there are others. Users given such awards will often have their user pages added to a specific, honorary category as well as possible entry to a faux society (e.g. the Illogicopedia:Club Card Members).

Game Awards[edit | edit source]

The Invasion of Illogiland[edit | edit source]

Several awards are available for successful game completion, why not see for yourself?

The Conspiracy[edit | edit source]

Asema vowed to reward contributors to the massive collaboration game "The Conspiracy". Click here for more details.

That pretty much covers it, otherwise keep up the good work.

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