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The bat-moose may or may not have had something to do with some of this. Maybe. But it might suggest reading them. Perhaps.

Behold, the Top Ten (or so) articles of 2010, according to the poorly tallied votes of Illogicopedia users! That's right, these articles are the least crappy (even though they are still probably crappy) articles of the entire year!

An archive of the voting may be found here: Voting Record

1. (tie) Forum:500 Ways You Know You've Been on Too Much Illogicopedia
1. (tie) The Battle of My Room
3. (tie) Lie
3. (tie) The base for mental unhealth
3. (tie) Vidja game
3. (tie) YouTube Comments
7. (tie) Ceiling mop
7. (tie) Crossbow
7. (tie) Employment Prescreening Questionnaire
7. (tie) General protection fault
7. (tie) Is