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The Illogic Pickle is Illogicopedia's resident writing competition awarding in two categories:

  • Best Straight Article. The most accomplished rambling for which the prize is a Pickle in a jar. Runners up have historically received some other food item, such as a slice of toast, burnt with the face of Bcbkye.
  • Best Randumb Article. The article that is most random and makes least sense, for which the prize is an Inflatable Hammer. Past runners up have received an extra large portion of mashed potato.

Pickle contests are held periodically and although there are no set dates for future competitions there are generally 2-3 per year. There would be more but the judges are too dam lazy.

The Illogic Pickle Contests

Pickle 1.1 (Jum 07)  •  Pickle 1.2 (Nov 07)
Pickle 2.1 (Arc 08)  •  Pickle 2.2 (Jum 08)
Pickle 3.1 (Aym 2009)
Pickle 4.1 (Jum 2011)



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