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  This section is Logical; it is meant to be so. Prepare to get bored!  
  Sensible Section  

This is the page that rewards everyone helping with the article improvement drive!

Basically, the user who helps certain amounts will get official Titles and a template to go into their userpage.

To prove your worth, go to this page and leave a list of all the articles you've improved. The admins will then check this over and - when you reach the milestones - then dish out the awards as appropriate, for you to display proudly!

Titles[edit | edit source]

(#1 is best, #11 lowest)

# Name of Title Title to put in signature Requirements Notes
1. Humble Servant of André Breton
100 improvements It's worth noting that this is the highest possible honour ever given to humans. André probably prefers his imaginary friends. And Martians. They know how to party.
2. Subbupanese General
90 improvements This title grants you the command of the armies of both Subbuteo and Super Japan; however, unfortunately, they have a tendency to execute each other rather than execute your orders. This also grants a years' worth of throwable Koalas.
3. Noble Spoon Man
80 improvements This title grants the user one tumble dryer-shrunk superhero suit and a small stash of spoons to be used ONLY IN EMERGENCIES!
4. ChanServ
70 improvements Unlike Fourchan and Jackie Chan, all of whom have their advantages, ChanServs are actually kinda crap. I mean, they're not even allowed to talk. They've been kept to a vow of secrecy after receiving the ultimate everything ever. Yeah, he used to be amazing.
5. EPIC Writer
60 improvements Having this title guarantees you a featured article.
6. Shaggable Duck
50 improvements Alongside being part of one of Illogicopedia's vastest armies, achieving this honour causes the user to be crispy-fried in hoi sin sauce and highly shaggable.
7. Strange Indian Man
8. Sacred Goat of Ung
30 improvements Ung! Goat! Ung!
9. Bcbkye
20 improvements This title bestows onto the receiver the ability to know mundane facts about anyone in the world, e.g. "You were once two years old!"
10. Obama Sin Xardenrith MCXXVIII
10 improvements Having this award will increase your stealth powers by up to minus 4%.
11. Ambassador of Illogic
0-9 improvements This award will get you nothing. And a bodypillow of Dot Matrix from the movie Spaceballs.