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  This section is Logical; it is meant to be so. Prepare to get bored!  
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This is the page that shows the Tip Top Writers (and consequently image manipulators) who have somehow (probably accidentally) managed to obtain a featured article or two. As such, the boring display below outlines authors, their featured articles articles, as well as pixel pushers, and their prized images.

Articles[edit | edit source]

These authors managed to randomly group words together in such a fashion that they had 2 articles pass the test of VFF, on to feature. In order from greatest to least amount of featured articles, here are Illogicopedia's Potentially Talented Individuals (or perhaps just inanely lucky).

Articles that were voted as one of the Top Ten are seen in bold.

Name Features Titles
Testostereich 23.5 Barry Scott (With MrMetalFLower), Peesmell, Water, Fairytale Exposé, Epic Fail (With HelloolleH), IllogiNess Monster, Early Morning Television, Silent Penguin's Bogus Journey, Toilet, Life Options, RAY (With HelloolleH), Freeze frame popcorn (With Fonchezzz), Das PussyVator (With Hindleyite), Mental image of some food (With Hindleyite), Penglish uprising (With HelloolleH & MrMetalFLower), Slightly Below Average Man (With HelloolleH), Trampolining, The Important Mission, The Writing of a Classic Childrens Book, HowTo:Get An Article Featured, Dearest Blog, Batchap (with XXL2oo, Lord Caz, & Nerd42) The base for mental unhealth (With Readmesoon), America (with Hindleyite), Codpiece, Digging A Hole, People do the Funniest Things! (with THE), ChanServ, No (With Hindleyite)
Readmesoon 23 Fat Hippo, Snowman, A Day in the Life of a Golf Ball, IllogiBooks:Dear Diary Vampire, Coprodysmorphophobia, The American Revolution (With Anotherpongo and T3canolis), List of Dead People, Is that what you call a knife? (With Some WHAT!?), Lunch box, Is, Motel Trolls, The base for mental unhealth (with Testostereich), The Battle of My Room, YouTube Comments (with Galanoth), You feeble fool!, S. Hark, Book (With Hindleyite), Air, Something Stupid This Way Cometh, Shovel Combat, IllogiNews: You Are In My Way, Not really the article title, My refrigerator and I speak occasionally, Hipster, Shrimp paradox, Aluminum Bárons² (with T3canolis & Ginonater)
Hindleyite 18.5 Illogicopedia is the worst, Loading...., Repetition (with Silent Penguin), Sanity (With Silent Penguin and Fluffalizer), The Really Big Button That Doesn't Do Anything, Ultimate soup, Error 404, HowTo:Make a Cheese Sandwich, Das PussyVator (With Testostereich), Mental image of some food (With Testostereich), Monsters that live under your bed (with Dxpenguinman), Interesting facts about Toasters, The Epic Mission, List of lesser known Scrabble words, The Deadly Ghost of Spellchecking, The Greatest Inventions of Mankind, Ceiling mop, Book (with Readmesoon), IllogiGames:Invasion of Illogiland, This page is not feature worthy (with Manforman), America (with Testostereich), The Illogicopedia, No (With Testostereich)
THE 15.5 The Incredible Adventures of Melville Amsterdam and the Collapsible Ironing Board, The Incredible Adventures of Melville Amsterdam and the Collapsible Ironing Board: PART TWO, I looked under my doormat and found a mango and started screaming at it even though mangos have no ears, OH JEEZE. I SHOULD HAVE KNOWN THE OL' DOCTOR WAS BEHIND ALL THIS., The Three (or two) Brothers (and sister) and the mighty Secession Tree, Wikipedia Your Destiny!, Boris and the American Dream, Lightbulbism, Santa Claus the Socialist Menace, A Small Civilization, Sexual Innuendo in U.S. Currency, Manburgers, The Pencil Incident, The Jesus-Satan Arm Wrestling Competition, People do the Funniest Things! (with Testostereich), Dinner Table With Pillows
HelloolleH 12 DA DA DA, Disaster Guide, Harry Potter, The best article ever, Illogicopedia:A History, Pwnt (With MrMetalFlower), A word from our sponsors, Epic Fail (With Testostereich), IllogiGames:The Getaway, Jesus, RAY (With Testostereich), Sadiojfasioduipofas, Penglish uprising (with Testostereich & MrMetalFLower), Slightly Below Average Man (With Testostereich), Spud, Slipping My Pickle In
MrMetalFLower 12 Conkers (With Fluffalizer), Flogging, Pwnt (With HelloolleH), Barry Scott (With Testostereich), HowTo:Get an English Literature GCSE, Media, (With Silent Penguin and Fluffalizer), Yummy (With Nerd42), Penglish uprising (with Testostereich & HelloolleH) André Breton, Borderline Oceania, Godzilla Versus Jaws, IllogiNews:Man Born With Eight Faces Urinates Own Spine; Dies Aged 23 When Hit By Car, Pesticides for a putrid, Fridge Within a Fridge
T3canolis 10.5 Toast, Are you Freaking Kidding Me?, Letters to the Editor (With Some WHAT!?), My first article on Uncyclopedia, The American Revolution (with Anotherpongo and Readmesoon), What's the Point?, The Fairy Dogmother's Compendium of Alphabetical Stories (With The Bard & ReMbRaNdTxxZxx), Forum:500 Ways You Know You've Been on Too Much Illogicopedia (with Everyone) Childhood Realizations, Mauritania, Feature-Bait, Millard Feelmore, Aluminum Bárons² (with Readmesoon & Ginonater)
Fonchezzz 9.5 Existance, Bcbkye, Legolas chops off his hand, Memoirs of a quack face, Pogosticks, Envelope in sentim, Freeze frame popcorn (With Testostereich), Egg sighted, Cranch, Budwig and The Feetie Footies
Gruntled 9.5 Schrödinger's Jesús, Paul Prudhomme, IllogiNews:Bats unsuitable as dairy stock say Belgians, Belching Hyena, A baby gorilla ate my homework, Porcelain Theocracies, Demon, A coat made of babies, Burble (with Flyingcat &, Deep cheese massage
I forgot 7 History, Remembering to breathe, Trustiness, Bang and the dirt appears, Lie, Natural number, General protection fault
The Bard 7 An Open Letter to the Cheese Growing in Between My Toes, Canada, The Fairy Dogmother's Compendium of Alphabetical Stories (with T3canolis & ReMbRaNdTxxZxx), Diary of a Madman‎, Enter the Chicken, Dear John letter, Micro$oft Window$, HowTo:Make a Bird Shut Up (Fashionista5676)
Dxpenguinman 6.5 How Things Work, Monsters that live under your bed (with Hindleyite), Interviewing Yourself, Interviewing Your Shelf, I'll ask the questions here!, Advertising Epilepsy, Writing A Story
Fluffalizer 6.5 Conkers (With MrMetalFLower), Francis E. Dec, Sanity (With Silent Penguin and Hindleyite), Some, Sound, (With Silent Penguin and MrMetalFLower), Fish, The Omnipresent Symbol Table In The Sky,
Athyria 5 Crossbow, It's quiet now. I do not know how long we have..., A murder of cows, Groarnge, Do you have a face?
Thekillerfruitcake 5 Stream of consciousness, Walt Disney, Washington Parallelogram, HowTo:Write an Epic for the Illogic Pickle, Vidja game
Silent Penguin 4 Repetition (with Hindleyite), Bohemian Rhapsody (with others on IRC), Brass screw for a belly button (With, Sanity (With Hindleyite and Fluffalizer), What if a car alarm goes off (With Fluffalizer), (with MrMetalFlower and Fluffalizer), HowTo:Get free drinks
Snarglefoop 3 Journalism, Beware the road goose, Sauropods as Pets
TaylorKarras 3 New Monaco, I am so high right now, ʇxǝʇ pǝddılɟ
Anotherpongo 2.5 Shoplifting, DOES THIS BUS GO TO ORPINGTON?! The Game, The American Revolution (with Readmesoon and T3canolis)
Flyingcat 2.5 Hairballs, Burble (with Gruntled &, Editing under the influence
Galanoth 2.5 Dancing Dog, YouTube Comments (with Readmesoon), I'll slap you in the face with a fish
Aleister in Chains 2 Did you ever lock horns with a goat?, Whale (colour)
Cainad 2 Cthulhu, Universe
Cajek 2 Grand Theft Auto:Antarctica Oscar Wilde LOLLLOLOLO, Why Things Seem Smaller When Far Away
Composure1 2 Nothing, Santa
Darkgenome 2 The Green Ball (Uncensored Version), House of Fun
Djtik85 2 Attention Deficit Disorder, Mugging a Pirate
Ginonater/ReMbRaNdTxxZxx 2 Cohagen: the Forbidden Files, The Fairy Dogmother's Compendium of Alphabetical Stories (with The Bard & T3canolis), Aluminum Bárons² (with T3canolis & Readmesoon)
Mwow513/ForgotMyPassword 2 The Magic Book, The Daring Drive of Danny Devito
Mynameissecret 2 Sleep, IllogiNews:Cows invade Britain - Prime Minister calls for peace
Ragglefraggleking 2 The Adventures of Lampshade Man, Flub Nugget,
Some WHAT!? 2 Letters to the Editor (With T3canolis), Mini Ketchup, Is that what you call a knife? (With Readmesoon)
TheLedBalloon 2 Dancing walrus, A Christmas Carol
THINKER 2 Turkey, Mission Control
Nerd42 1.5 Yummy (With MrMetalFlower), Batchap (with XXL2oo, Lord Caz, & Testostereich), Flying trees (with Wehpudicabok)
Wehpudicabok 1.5 Flying trees (with Nerd42), What if you can't find the remote

Images[edit | edit source]

These fellows took a shot in the dark, and, incidentally, the projectile they fired turned into a image that was wacky enough to get featured. Neat, huh? In order from greatest amount to least.

Name Featured Images
HelloolleH 6 Bearterflyger, Hulk vs Dalek, Lost Goat, Testostereich's Portrait, Vanity, Mythdebunkers
Readmesoon 5 Barbecued Snowman, Gentleman Parakeet, Washington's Real Intentions, Elmo on Jeopardy?, S. Hark
Hindleyite 3 Huge Person, Hindenburger Disaster, The Deadly Spell Checker
Fonchezzz 2 Chipmunk Henry, Rudolf the Red-Blood-Stained Reindeer
Huge bob 2 Flag of NATO, Breaking News!
Silent Penguin 2 A Giant Cupcake! , Posh cross dressing narna
The Bard 2 Chicken of the Sea, Hang the DJ
Darkgenome 1 Workplace Blunder
Doom Bunny 1 Evil Penguin Chick
Flyingidiot 1 Subaru
I forgot 1 Arses Logo
Ragglefraggleking 1 Mutant Chicken
Robomilk 1 Killer Queen
XXL2oo 1 Illogisaurus