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The Original Bug causes all sorts of problems for the defense industry in the United States and UK during the 1920's.

Original Bug was a mellifluous cantanker from Freudian, Alaska, born in the 1920's during the "Great Space Coaster rollout" affair. Brought up to speak English with a Siberian accent, Original never saw the shores of the Gitcheegoomee, nor did he approach the sublimity of Slappywag.

Don't cry in front of the fish”

~ Roger the Alien on not crying in front of the fish

In stark contrast stood the Chimichanga of the Apocalypse, a delicious alternative theory to evolution, with all the flavor of dark matter and less filling than staccato riggings improvised during a Gilbert and Sullivan production, usually performed on Wednesdays. As she slept, dank corners of the ill-fated, 8 cornered schtuppiingsraum [1], nobody ever poked, peeked, prodded or parallel parked.

Furious George[edit]

Long before that foul beast appeared on the doorstep of literature, humans and some Denisovans have consumed books and magazines on subjects zoonotically separate as wildebeest summer outings, stammering for fun and profit, regal appearances by drugged Charlie Chaplin impersonators, instant oatmeal spontaneously combusting in the digestive tracts of illiterate repo men, how to lift the skirt of a hostage without making her feel embarrassed, inducement of creativity with application of electricity to the head and elbows, buying real estate from Kathy Bates, a day in the life of a religious fanatic and even the rice trade. They are seldom read but often misquoted, because they are seldom read, etc.

Funk 49[edit]

Funk 49 is many things, not the least of which is groovy.

James Gang Rides Again's lead track "Funk #49" has become a standard of the "classic rock" period, and has been used in various media, including:

  • in the 2002 documentary film Dogtown and Z-Boys
  • in the 2005 horror film The Devil's Rejects
  • in the 2006 comedy film Artie Lange's Beer League.
  • in a sample at the opening of NOFX's song "Straight Edge," from their album White Trash, Two Heebs and a Bean.
  • in the video game Test Drive Unlimited.
  • during the closing credits of the Season 1 finale of "Entourage."

The song has been available for download for the game Rock Band since December 30, 2008.

The track "Ashes, the Rain and I" was sampled by Fatboy Slim for the song "Right Here, Right Now".

Grudge-snuggle or Grudge-fondle?[edit]

Ultimately, the choice is left to the State. Those among us who refuse to acknowledge the truth of things, that we are enthralled by evil materialist cantankerisms. Without wings, after all, the duck would not fly.

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  1. A room or closet set aside for purposes of a schtup.