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It all began when some seven year olds hacked into the U.S. military defence system by guessing correctly the access password was "password"; they activated the weapons of mass destructions games file and aimed a nuke at the Twinky factory to see if Twinkies really were as indestructible as the Twinky corporation had made them out to be.

Disgruntled Dictators[edit | edit source]

The brave twinkies clung to the factory floor like the highly-packaged dung of a giant factory-like animal. The missile slowly flew closer to the twinky factory, occasionally pausing to help old ladies cross the road and change the song on it's iPod.

Meanwhile the fat little "Boris" dictators of the world deliberated carefully who would gain world power through a high-powered game of mornington creasent. Russia were stuck on the tube and America had got lost. Britain were stuck seeing as their train operators were on strike to campaign for an extended doughnut break. When the missile broke into the Twinky factory the dictators felt the impact. They became even smaller, angrier and witty on day-time chat shows. Being small and angry they easily survived the impact but gained a few liver spots in the process.

The Twinkies though fine were now badly packaged and were covering up each other's privates (especially sugary bit of sugar) through the medium of dance. Funky dance. Modern dance.

The missile had found their one weakness though. Riding the missile was the nariest site ever to be seen. With steely eyes and a cavernous mouth Obese-boy gazed lustfully upon the twinkies. Obese-boy was a miraculous superhero, his vital organs were made up of concentrated blobs of fat and he could bounce at the speed of hunger. With a large injection of insulin he reared his ugly head (and numerous chins) and charged at the Twinkies. The Twinkies employed the only effective defense and labeled themselves as Low Fat health foods. The ravernous tubb wasn't fooled. Shooting stomach acid out of the teething hole in a sea of flab (his face) he dissolved the sign over a period of time.

The Ending but shortened[edit | edit source]

The blob ate the Twinkies, the missile became emo and they all went home to their mother and resident fireman Barry Scott and drank OJ. Lovely OJ.

In the end, somebody spoken of Muahahaha.