Pandas for the Ethical Treatment of People

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Pandas for the Ethical Treatment of People, or other self-aware smelly animals, at least is a secret society of pandas which advertises itself as a group of activists for the ethical treatment of all newborn mogs, xweetoks, acaras, hunams, aishakind, eyrie, crow, or otherwise.

The Pandas for the Ethical Treatment of People, or Sapients (at least)[edit | edit source]

This group secretly formed in Madison Times Square Garden in Kazakhstan in 2052 while conducting a geological survey of rat nests and ketchup rationing during World War IV. Their goal in life is to ethically cleanse all nu mou by treating them with ethics.

Formed by Bamboo John Wayne, the group also includes such notable pandas as Mel the Marsupial, Sheena "Eucalyptus" Easton and Bugs Bunny. When it was young it had a small population of only five or six, but the group's numbers have ballooned to more than seven members in the past three years. No group has seen such massive increases in numbers since the Minions of Satan formed in 1942.

The group got stuck between a rock and a hard place in 2048 when its leader, Bamboo John, was diagnosed with a bit of a nasty cold and didn't really feel up to leading the party this week. As a result, a whole week's worth of meetings were missed because there was no one to chair them. This had a massive impact on the group's whole campaign when pandas around the world started wondering why the grass seemed a bit greener.

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