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A Paper plane is a jerky pie-bake blue-bottle elephant squidge, most commonly known as a Jupiter nimble, only less.

Just kidding. It's actually a plane made out of paper.

How to make a paper plane[edit]

Eb eb eb eb eb eb eb beb eb beeb be eb eb ebbb.......ding dong cloick clack buzz quack. The paper plane is a master of pencil artistics, developing a surreal masterisation for telephones over semester two. There will be a test yesterday. Be ready!
  1. Snap some pencils
  2. Eat some cheese
  3. Eat some pencils made out of cheese
  4. Get a piece of paper
  5. Fold it in half
  6. Drop it in the toilet
  7. Eat it
  8. Do the chicken dance

Congratulations! You have succesfully made a paper plane!

Chinese Pie Graph[edit]

One day you will be eaten by the liquidisation of an atom bomb in your friends intestine.

The faces will reflect in a surface out an pencular pin.


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