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Yeah, so yesterday I was drawing on a piece of paper, and I noticed there was this pencil sitting on my desk. And this kind of got me irritated so I threw it behind me. Then I looked up again and saw it was in front of me. So I grabbed it and threw it against the wall. It rolled back to me. So I grabbed a hammer and started to


it as hard as I could. It broke in half, then in half again, and it got smashed and smashed and smashed (the desk and everything else on the desk got smashed too, but it was worth it). I smashed it for about 15 minutes, then put it into a pile and smashed it again for maybe half an hour, then grabbed the splinters and threw them in a blender, then blended them and then boiled them in water until they were one mushy paper thing, then broke it into fifty pieces and buried them all in fifty different holes fifty meters under the ground.

When I walked back inside an Italian fell on me.


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