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The Arbirtary List[edit | edit source]

Pom Tickup demands he only be recognized in arbitrary lists. As a member of the Pom Tickup commanding officers against imminent destruction of cult-hit movies, it is my duty to explain Pom Tickup's legacy in an arbitrary list.

  • Pom Tickup was born in Rockland, Missouri.
  • Pom Tickup did not invent particle physics, he invented Cinnamon Toast Crunch.
  • Pom Tickup has Died three times, one while in Botswana.
  • Pom Tickup wishes you would stop using rocks as a form of sustenance, Jerry Seinfeld.
  • The King of Scotland owes Pom Tickup 30 Dollars.
  • Pom Tickup loved Treasure Planet but hated The Emperor's New Groove.
  • Pom Tickup can be used in a sentence as a noun, adjective, intransitive verb, Gerund, Participle, Preposition or Exclamation.
  • Pom Tickup Creates three thousand Pop Tart flavors a day, but only half of them actually get to the Pop Tart Factory, and then quality control filters out the rest.
  • When WWII ended, Pom Tickup created an Island off the coast of Japan so that peace could be fully restored.
  • Pom Tickup takes day trips to the center of the earth.
  • LMFAO wishes that Pom Tickup would be their backup dancer.
  • Pom Tickup co directed Ocean's Eleven.
  • Hay Fever is scared of Pom Tickup.
  • Pom Tickup did not steal the cookie from the cookie jar.
  • 78% of ducks that convert to Pom Tickup's religion feel less close to god.
  • Pom Tickup went to Spain to avenge the destruction of the fountain of youth.
  • As Pom Tickup Grows older, he makes Danny Devito's movies look good.
  • Pom Tickup functions as every Proper noun in the English alphabet.
  • Pom Tickup is not a person, not a living thing. But he can shape-shift into many living things. Pom Tickup is actually a rock.
  • Pom Tickup uses the Interrobang.
  • Pom Tickup lives in Turkey, in an underground Cereal Bunker made entirely of Coca Cola.
  • Pom Tickup once ate one of those oxidizer packs in Beef Jerky bags, and now can fly through space.
  • Pom Tickup is Santa Claus.
  • Pom Tickup writes books never written under a ghost name.
  • Nintendo is an affiliate of Pom Tickup.
  • Pom Tickup is weightless.
  • Pom Tickup was the star rugby player in London.
  • Pom Tickup Donates all of his jewelry to PopCap for use in Bejeweled.
  • He also donates his Nazi Collection to Activision.
  • Life only exists because Pom Tickup persuades it to.
  • Pom Tickup can talk to scorpions.
  • Pom Tickup used Pom Tickup to create an army of Pom Tickups, better known as modern-day beaches.

The Pom Tickup commanding officers against imminent destruction of cult-hit Movies[edit | edit source]

Pom Tickup created TPTCOAIDOD-HM after his Movie, Carlos the Flying Dog, became one. After Warner Brothers refused to sell it to the public because it showed too much skin, Pom Tickup swore revenge on Warner Brothers and Boycotted Se7en, and then found out that it was produced by New Line Cinema. He created TPTCOAIDOD-HM to make sure that cult hits have their chance in Itunes. The commanding officers help and act as ambassadors (Read: Spies) to help cult hits be acclaimed and better released.