Porcelain Theocracies

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Earlier that same day, she was spotted with wheelbarrow hat, en route to the church.

"Sad looking, like the mad girl's poor penguins", she said, as though casually tossing off a cape and wheelbarrow hat after coming in from the rain, after a Buffoonista's Ball. Consequently, two new species of parallelogram were discovered. They vaguely smelled like a Burger King] bag left on a hot, sunny dashboard in a closed automobile for three hours. Even the volunteer firefighter from Omaha didn't object.

She had the nerve to enter the church in bare feet. The Monsignor merely chuckled, and folded another origami bat. The building itself was an homage to festoonery, lathered in flags of all colors save white, cascading tapestries depicting dancing pheasants being eaten whole by greedy Virgin Mary pilgrims, transparent maple jury boxes sprinkled with ground cumin, the humming of Steampunk machinery... it's all very mysterious, and therefore well Kaizumed.

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