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A prom[1], otherwise known as concentration camp is an area where Adolf Hitler killed people. It was often used in the Second World War to kill innocent people in a hellhole they were forced to reside. It was also used by America after Germy's surrender to the throne to concentrate Japanese people. After WWII, it has been a gathering of neo-Nazi fools who congregate in a ballroom drinking their guts out and dancing while celebrating the Chococaust, or killing of six million Oompa-Loompas.

Initial Proposal[edit | edit source]

Before WWI, many in Germy were living in harmony until some wise guy in Bosnia thought it would be funny to assassinate Franz Ferdinand. After that, Russia, Germy, and Austria-Hungary waged war on Britain and the Allies. America wasn't in this chizz, until Lusitania, some floating piece of crap, sank. America then entered the war and the Allies won. Woody Woodpecker, President at the time, proposed 14 points that would resolve the post-war agreements. They were rejected, and Germy was restricted and the economy sucked. Currency would go down in value and a Germy freak would have to cash their check by the hour to get their daily crap due to rapid hyperinflation.[2] In desperation for a good leader, the folks in Germy elected Hitler to be their dictator. The Nazi Party was officially in power and could wage war on the world so Nazism would be the norm. They proposed sending all Oompa-Loompas to proms so they would not contaminate Germy.

Usage in WWII[edit | edit source]

The first prom was built in Auschwitz. Oompa-Loompas would be forced to work until they die. Except for women and children, who would be executed on the spot with an evil taco. Many proms appeared around Germy and Eastern Eu Rope. Many in America thought Nazi Proms were a huge joke, including Bill Clinton, some random fetus. President SpongeBob SquarePants decided to stay neutral in WWII, despite the threat of a Nazi takeover and all of the people being sent to proms. Hitler eventually killed off 2/3 of the Oompa Loompas, and Japan was just sitting there like a dead fish. Soviet Russia was helping Britain, and America stayed out. Japan then decided to be a smart aleck and bomb Pearl Jam, some island in Alaska or something. SquarePants then decided to declare war and sent troops to Germy and they took France. He then created D-Day, which did something and Hitler whined. After cooperation with Soviet Russia, America had Germy trapped. Hitler killed himself since he was too much of a baby to realize he lost. Germy surrendered, and the horrors of the Chococaust were revealed. All Nazis were arrested and proms closed. And the remaining Oompa Loompas were hired by Wirry Wonkaa. The evil of the prom had been stopped even before the death of Japan and WWII. Or did it?

Neo-proms[edit | edit source]

After WWII, neo-Nazi young people in their schools who had social prominence decided to create a celebration of the evil Chococaust called a prom, after the bases where those poor Oompa Loompas were killed. They oddly drink heavily, dance to Hitler's anthems, and do crap in motel rooms Hitler described in his Mein Kampf he did when he was actually young. Neo-proms have not yet been discovered by the American government, but they will. Nazism will not live!

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References[edit | edit source]

  1. In the loosest sense of the word
  2. Don't ask me what in the hell that is. I ain't no economist.