Quantum Chiropractic

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"Something about Satan and chiropractors, I don't know..."

Quantum Chiropractic is a Satanic form of unnatural medicine, primarily practiced by wish-they-were-smart-enough-to-go-to-medical-school types, weirdos, freaks, chronic albino impersonators, ridiculous people and a host of UFOlogists from the there are also western half of the United States.

as samurai sword VR pirate pioneers, but it turns out we’re pointless argument vegetables growing in walled gardens, harvested for the benefit of robots that serve us ads. Corporations are organisms, not city-states; they signal to each other via markets; they build interfaces into human social protocols through brand identities; they occupy slots in our Dunbar rings. The internet is an ocean that we invent as we explore it. The deeper we dive, the more we become cryptozoologists, or crypto-ichthyologists, or even crypto-theologists. In the murky darkness of virtual places, there could be dragons, shoggoths, leviathans; invisible creatures that will prey on us, devour us, or colonize us. Certainly, I have heard voices on the web who say we will discover or build a god when we reach the cyber-ocean floor. That god will save us by authoring an age of post-scarcity economics. It will commodify us, allowing us to be fungible with capital.