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Rararing-tone-pickupthephone. Rararing-tone-pickupthephone.


How to make a &aº

1. Obtain flour.

2. Obtain rubber duck.

3. Repeat step one 968 times.

3. Swim in the flour.

4. Obtain lemon.

5. Fart on lemon.

6. Squeeze lemon into eye.

7. Collect your lemony tears in a cashew jar.

8. Repeat steps 4-7.

9. Repeat step 8.

10. Repeat steps 8 and 9.

11. Repeat steps 8, 9, and 10.

12. Repeat steps 8-11 until cashew jar is halfway full.

13. Pour flour into cashew jar.

14. Repeat steps 12 and 13 until you run out of flour.

15. Squeeze rubber ducky.

16. You have now made a lifetime's supply of &aº. Enjoy.


Insert everything here, please.

--- Sonic The Hedgehog and Illogicopedia's Restaurant ---

-- Marshmallow Pizza with a side of Pineapples -- $Eopqrstuggman.Wat nao? --

-- Chili Dog Of Epicness -- $4.95 (Extra $0.50 per teaspoon of other stuffz) --

And Now, Some Random Quotes[edit]

“Why is this tag greenish-red? I hate greenish-red!”

“Supposedly, Bowser is now 19674 times more powerful. Better stock up on the 1-Ups. 100 coins equals 1 extra life, so... yeah...”

~ Mario's explanation for "New Super Mario Bros. 2"

This is the best thing since the first cookie!”

“*this page's name*”

~ The Tick

“Le kitchin haz dwagonz!”

~ Stare Dad

“Wat nao?”

~ Pac Man and Mega Man's reaction to each-other (Street Fighter V.S. Tekken)

“I like turtles.”

~ Bomberman

How To Defeat Boss #5 Of Mortal Calibur IX[edit]

1: It has a LAZAR attack that homes in on you like any other fairly-homing projectile. Delay is shorter depending on how weak it is. After use, the boss will be stunned for a measly 2.53 seconds, and will attack more lightly for a while. Use this to your advantage.

1.5: The boss is named Quan Mi-na, BTW.

2: Quan Mi-na occasionally glows green (again, the glow lasts longer the more health it has), signaling the fact that Proto Man is about to warp in and spam Slash Claw. The actual attack is easy to avoid, but deals more damage per slash than the LAZAR does in total. Ward off Proto Man by blocking his slashes, giving you a safe window of opprotunity to attack Quan Mi-na.

3: This one varies depending on your system. It automatically deals 19 damage to Quan Mi-na. 3a: For the Xbox 360 version, insert A/B/X––Y/up-arrow--down-arrow/left-arrow/right-arrow--circle-pad-down. 3b: For the Xbox One version, say "ujujujuja-a-a-a-a-a-a!n-n.lo?pti". 3c: For the PS4 version, insert right-arrow/left-arrow--down-arrow/up-arrow. 3d: For the Wii U version, tap the gamepad while holding XL and XR, or press A and B at once while in the air.

4: You should have won by now, lol.

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