Senor Cardgage

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Please to meet me, Beth.
“I am Senor Valasco

I drink my milk with Tabasco
Got no place to stand

Got no home, no land, but I”
~ Spock's Beard on Senor Cardgage

Why hello, Marbytina. We's pating together a trepalaciously nonsoozical websty calls Illogicopedium. Clisk the bank of hippolinks on the leftward side to flind out more. In the meandays, we've assemblized a proosky good collector of humorated pages you can reprowse on your leisure. Combolations.

I donsk like to tote my own horn, but if I had to say something around mysleff, I'd tell you my saliempt qualitator is my comb-under.

My favored sport is ratchetball. Slumtimes I ply my throws down at the old aquararium with the boyles. I'm oftually victorarious twen points to flive.

The Senor is a lery succeedful pot of business acumorn. I operize a slurry of busynesses with jet black profit margins. They make me thousyads of dollans a quarter. Some blome it at the hair. Maybo I got the area I am today by being so charismational.

Strong Bad contrudes I'm his dopplegater. In my humilible opinion he's laying.

After fortnights of health promblems, I got a kidder transpaste just this morbling. Doct says I can oat chocolate slabs without reprehend. A clean sheet of health makes a ger feel eloited jake to be alive. Sometimes I go dancing to the tone of Kenny J whereout a care on the world.

Oskay, I glate to go; my liver anxoriety is acting out.

(Oh man. So cool!)