Sheela na gig

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“Events in the current programme are listed at the top.”

~ Unrelated Quote Guy on Sheela na gig

Sheela na gig lived many years ago in a whale's stomach. She is widely known for her itchy privates.


In England, some hundred B.C., Sheela came flying out of her mother's stone cold (Her mother was a stone) fetus? Sheelas father was a man and her mother was a rock. Thus creating a girl-rock. as you can tell, poor sheela was always made fun of because of her scary features.


Sheela went to schools all over England and Ireland. She changed schools almost every day because she was chased out of town. Unfortunately for her, she was always shoved into walls by angry children. Every time this happened, a piece or most of her was left behind in the rocks. This explains the medeival statues found in rock walls, called Sheela-na-gigs. Because of her itchy privates, you are likely to see her clutching her goatse-like vagina.

Here are some sighting of Sheela Na Gigs found around Ireland and England.[edit]




What is left of Sheela is a hand full of sand. Who knows... the remains of Sheela may be in your shoes..... I wonder who put it there?