Sherlock Holmes

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“Once you have eliminated the logical, whatever remains, however impossible, must be the truth!”

~ Sherlock Holmes on Figuring Stuff Out

“Hello, my name is Dr. Watson and I am stupid! (At least whenever I'm portrayed on film or radio) But at least I'm not on DRUGS like ... ^ SOME PEOPLE I COULD MENTION!”

~ Dr. Watson on Some People He Could Mention

“YOU there!”

~ Patricia Persimmon on Detecting And Such

Sherlock Holmes is the late 19th century equivalent of Google, in that he is made of computers and he finds stuff for people. Some of Holmes's most popular search terms were, "bad guys", "money", "jewels", "husbands", "drugs" and, oddly enough, "stick figures". Dr. Watson was Holmes's webmaster and kept his official blog[1] called The Strand. He also made up the fictional character of "Sir Aurthur Conan Doyle" who was extremely British and liked fairies.

Professor Moriarty[edit]

Professor Moriarty was a hacker who set out to 0wn the Holmes mainframe, and succeeded once, but it eventually came back online.