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The Shrimp paradox is a statement that has puzzled the world's leading minds for years. Like many other paradoxes, it seems to make sense at initial glance, but later through more thorough thought it doesn't. At that point or thought, most people throw it into the rubbish bin and continue with their lives. Others, however, such as the great George Hamburg, have wasted insufferable hours of their lives pondering over the seemingly stupid paradox.

The paradox itself states: "If this statement is not a shrimp, then it is a paradox."

What makes this statement untimely confusing is the fact that it is not a shrimp. This would have us conclude that it is a paradox.

George Hamburg breaks it down:

What makes this statement a paradox is the fact that it makes perfect logical sense, except for the fact that it makes perfect logical sense.
The initial statement makes sense, as the statement is not a shrimp and is paradox. However, paradoxes do not make sense, so the fact that it makes sense and is a paradox makes no sense, making it a paradox. Also, my brain just turned to mush.

Jim Corndog adds:

A paradox does not not have to make sense, it just has to seem contradictory, and can in fact be true. So while the above statement is not particularly well founded, it does smell like shrimp, so I'm forced to concede.

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