Sighting no.2 fig.4

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I saw it twice today. By the road, I saw it moving in and out of the branches, with a musket camcorder attached to its noose.

Waited in a sunken notepad, by the ditch - the rain had sacked it loose. I told them it needed better padding.

Still, I waited with closed eyes, and when I opened them it had gone. Noses on Moses feet smelling on the riverbank, and of course seeing with true eyes.

It had been brittlely chosen, this spot. It was a bog but it had a sense of marching fog, kind of like when you are blind, but can see, if you see what I mean. Thankfully, my eyes had been infected by a blackbird.

Still, I can see like a man with dem feet. Felting foot. Inland nail cataracts and wet soak on my kneepadding.

My list was cut along the driveway; it looked really like a fountain.

  • Saw it now and then sitting amongst my gnomes on the patio. It has a Jones complex, I am sure of it. As illustrated by sighting no.2 fig,4, page 26.
  • Came over my eyes.
  • Then notices my head in the automatic time-line and spliced my hand in as well, just to balance it out.
  • A dear had asked me if I would hold his hair while an engine managed his business.