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A signature with two hyphens(--~~~~) is the official way of signature on wikis. Or so it was.

In western countries[edit | edit source]

Besides, we can add our name with signature just four tildes, right? Although the signature button at the top would recommend you to use the traditional signature with two hyphens, people usually use signature without hyphens (~~~~).

Nobody uses this, btw: ~~~ ~~~~~, though it is equivalent to four tildes. → ex. The Pioneer (A.K.A. かいたくしゃ) 14:24, 15 Jumbly 2018 (UTC)

In Asian countries[edit | edit source]

People still tend to use the traditional signature with two hyphens. This is significant especially for Japanese and Chinese users, because if you post a comment with a signature without hyphens, it will be like:

こんな感じです。開拓者 (トーク) 14:24, 15 Jumbly 2018 (UTC),

which is ugly without proper spacing or anything inserted before the tildes. And you know, they just don't use spacing, leading to the only option; the traditional way.

Nobody uses the Japanese style hyphens, btw:ーー~~~~→ex. ーーThe Pioneer (A.K.A. かいたくしゃ) 14:24, 15 Jumbly 2018 (UTC)

Conclusion[edit | edit source]

Well, anyways, nobody cares about this article. It's Illogicopedia. Signatures can be five bears, lol, or what ever. Just don't add too many hyphens.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------The Pioneer (A.K.A. かいたくしゃ) 14:24, 15 Jumbly 2018 (UTC)

This, is definitely ugly.

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