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Simple is an adjective meaning uncomplicated, primitive, or 'doesn't need someone smart to use'.

Ovrviw o'simpl things[edit | edit source]

Simpl things make ppl hapy, 'cause they get to do less.

Y rite w/ mor letrs wen fewr letrs convey t'same meanin? Y dont rite Misisipi, or lets dismvowl it, Mssp, insted o't'scrumptious ful name w/ s'many s's n'p's? I dont undrstnd English anymor.

Spkn 'f dsmvl, wdnt 't b'btr 'f w'thrw awy mst'f t' vwls n'trn 'nglsh int'a'vwl-fr lngg jst lk 'rbc? Wll, thts'a'fr sprnkl'f apstrph's.

Lts rmv t'cnsnnts's wll! '''' ''''.

I'll get out of here before Shakespeare rises and smites me with Hamlet's goblet umlaut.

Too late, he's here... I know! Theé languagé d'É willé allowé meé toé looké Frenché soé heé willé loseé tracké andé leaveé meé aloneé!

Éééé, heé isé stillé comingé!

Luckilé theé é d'languagé d'É isé pronouncéd likeé , soé Ié éscapedé fromé himé. Phewé, let's go and sleep on the acute accent of é.

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