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Spud was born in England
Spud had little feet
Spud got into hacking
Spud's hacking skillz were l33t.
Spud was something special
He'd hack all day and night
He'd hack up and he'd hack down
He'd hack both left and right.
Spud did too much hacking
He hacked where he ought not
He knew his hacks were risky
But Spud just couldn't stop.
He hacked into reality
And altered time and space
He changed the laws of physics
And erased the human race.
God was rather angry
About Spud's disregard
For all that God had coded
On which he had worked hard.
He e-mailed Spud his feelings
The message sent was clear
To Spud, you God-damned hacker,
Get up on out of here.
Spud acted without thinking
He wanted to get level
Intending to unleash on God
The virus known as Devil.
Spud hacked into Hell's mainframe
And switched off the fire-walls
Out flowed the worst of evils
The demons, ghosts and ghouls.
Spud's hacking was the reason
Behind what now was war
Between all that was good and true
And what was foul and raw.
Spud was just a hacker
A good one, plain to see
But even Spud could not predict
The fallout of his spree.
The universe was torn apart
All that he knew was gone
And at this point
Perhaps too late
Spud realised hacks weren't fun.

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