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“Movies raise smiles, smiles raise cheek muscles and cheek muscles make me horny”

~ Steven Hornberg

Steven Spielberg is a relatively unknown film maker who makes interesting documentaries about aliens and dinosaurs. He is the lesser-known brother of legendary director Stefan Spielberg, and the cousin of Mexican film producer Senor Spielbergo.

In his latest report The War of the Worlds he has proved that lightning bolts are the transport medium of martians and that they prefer human meat in contrast to McDonald's food.

B.T.[edit | edit source]

His most famous documentary was B.T.. It was about an alien telephone company that made friends with a small boy called Eliot. After the company was floated on the stock market, it grew greedy and wanted to charge the boy just to speak to him. Hence the quote from the film 'BT phone home - 25p per min local rate'.

The sequel to the film was called Vodafone.